Allison & Co Consulting is a specialist service providing expert advice across the whole spectrum of property investment.

Perhaps you’re a landlord but making very little money on your buy to let property. Maybe you’re thinking of selling and want to talk through your options. You could even be brand new to property and not know where to start.

If you want to:

  • future-proof your portfolio
  • generate more profit
  • become super tax efficient
  • make sound investment decisions
  • choose the right strategy
  • use property to build an attractive pension
  • create inter-generational wealth

then you are in the right place

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When you work with Allison & Co Consulting you work with me Allison Angel, directly.

Having run a successful property business for 15 years, in which I have let, managed & sold property for hundreds of clients there’s nothing I haven’t seen.

Couple this with my own journey as a multi business owner and property investor with a wide ranging residential and commercial portfolio and I believe I’m uniquely equipped to help you succeed.